Friday, December 29, 2017

December update

A lot has been going on in December. We finally slowed our ministry travel down and settled in to work at Eastside Baptist Church. The walls are finished and painted in the office area. We left for Mississippi with the pastor being able to move back into his office while we are gone. We will return after our time in Mississippi to put up bookshelves and frame the windows.

1215171303 (002) (640x480)

The office after the walls are done.

We left for Mississippi on the 14th traveling to Hesperus, Colorado via Fillmore, Utah. We spent the night at Hesperus Camp and had a short visit with our friends there before leaving the following morning. We left there and traveled a different route through Pagosa Springs, Colorado and Santa Fe, New Mexico.. It was a bit longer but a gorgeous drive. We arrived in Mississippi on the morning of the 16th after travelling through the night.

DSCN6241 (640x480)

Rock formations near the San Raphael swell along I-70 in Utah

DSCN6250 (640x480)

DSCN6268 (640x480)

This pretty area was in New Mexico before reaching Santa Fe.

We had a great Christmas with the family and it has been such a treat to visit with everyone and see how the kiddos have grown. We have not been idle though. Nathan has worked diligently to replace all the exterior doors and the two remaining windows on the house. At Mom’s request, we will be painting her bedroom as well.

DSCN6273 (480x640)

We replaced the back door with full glass to make the living room lighter.

DSCN6275 (480x640)

The carport door (the primary door).

DSCN6269 (640x480)

Faith got a spend a day with this dear cousin this week. They had fun completing this puzzle.

Friday, November 17, 2017

A pastor’s roof

Earlier this summer while working in the Boise area, we were adding a porch to a church planter’s house when Nathan noticed that a portion of his roof was in poor shape and needed to be replaced before it started leaking. Last week we tore off the old roof and replaced it with new shingles. The church planter and a friend of his along with another church planter assisted Nathan and the work was completed in a day and a half. The church planter will not have any concerns with that portion of his roof this winter.
DSCN6212 (640x480)Working to get the old shingles off the roof.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Fillmore Baptist Church

It took nearly two weeks to get the roof of the church since we discovered we had not ordered quite enough metal. The last of the screws arrived much later than the metal. We finally finished putting in the last of the screws this past Monday following our return from Idaho. The roof looks great with the brilliant blue roof really making the building stand out. This roof should last the church many, many years.

DSCN6148 (640x480)

Nathan and the pastor cutting a piece of metal.

DSCN6146 (640x480)

Getting the metal ready to be handed up on the roof.

DSCN6153 (480x640)

It took four people to get a piece of metal on the roof, two on the ground and two on the roof.

DSCN6159 (640x480)

Ken is helping Nathan screw down the metal. Ken knocked on our door one evening asking if he could help. He is a St. George resident with a home in Fillmore as well. He attends Fillmore Baptist Church when his is in Fillmore. He was a wonderful help. We were truly blessed by his assistance.

The harness was necessary for this roof. The dust from the desert made the metal very slippery.

DSCN6229 (640x480)

The finished roof.

DSCN6230 (640x480)

The blue roof really makes the church look good.

We had a great time in Fillmore. We toured the territorial capital, Richfield, Pahvant butte, the hot springs, some sand dunes, and took a day trip over to the west end of the desert. We also were blessed to get acquainted with the pastor and his wife and the members of the church. They are great people.

Monday, October 23, 2017

A new roof in Fillmore

We are now in Fillmore, Utah putting a new roof on a church building. The church building is only 16 years old but many shingles have been blown off in the wind. We are tearing off the old shingles and replacing it with a metal roof.

DSCN6142 (640x480)

The church building early this morning with the sunrise in the background.

DSCN6140 (640x480)

Here it is obvious that shingles are missing below the steeple.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Sunny southern Utah for a couple of days

When we wrapped up the roof on Cedar City last week, we headed for St. George. First Southern Baptist Church has been given a new building. There is quite a bit of work to get the building ready to move into. There are many professionals working on some parts of the building such as painting and roofing but there is also a lot of volunteer work. Nathan has focused on repairing drywall.

DSCN6114 (640x480)

This is the front of the building, It has new and existing subdivisions on the west and north of it.

DSCN6123 (640x480)

This is the back of the building, It is right next to I-15. Great visibility.

DSCN6125 (640x480)

The foyer of the building. This was taken Saturday when members of the church volunteer their time to get the building ready.

DSCN6126 (640x480)

A small portion of the sanctuary. The ceiling was just about to be painted.

DSCN6134 (640x480)

The downstairs fellowship area. Plenty of room.

The current church building is in a residential area close to Dixie State University. That building will not sit empty when FSBC St. George moves. They are giving their building to Desert Ridge Baptist Church, a newer church in the St. George area.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

A completed roof

The roof at First Baptist Church in Cedar City was finished this afternoon and we are grateful to report there were no injuries. There were a few things that went off the roof but it was only materials or a tool thankfully. A variety of weather conditions existed throughout the week from cool temperatures and gusting wind but no moisture. It has been a great week in southern Utah. 

DSCN6104 (640x480)

Nathan and two guys from Tennessee putting on shingles.

DSCN6105 (640x480)

This young man from California works in construction and was one who did all the work at the edges. We were grateful he was there.

DSCN6110 (640x480)

The finished roof on the west side.

DSCN6111 (640x480)

The finished roof from the front

DSCN6113 (640x480)

A shot from the east.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Our project this week

This week we have a five-man mission team from Tennessee and a three-man team from California here to replace the existing roof on the old section of First Baptist Church of Cedar City, Utah. The obvious challenge is the height of the building. It make work near the edge rather nerve wracking.

DSCN6096 (640x480)

DSCN6099 (640x475)

In this picture you can see some of the spots the old shingles have blown off.