Monday, June 4, 2018

A change of plans again

Following Preacher School in Salmon on May 4 and 5, we were planning to return to Twin Falls to finish up the work on Eastside Baptist Church. But a phone call on the way there changed all of our plans. Amber’s mom called to tell us that she had broken her ankle and that they were going to do surgery soon. Rather than travel all the way to Twin Falls, we stayed with Mom. It became clear later that week that surgery would not happen right away so we returned to Twin Falls for the weekend to pack up our travel trailer and move to Challis. Our original plan was to do some work on Mom’s house later in the month and we just ended up doing it sooner. Eastside was so gracious with the change in our plans and we will return there later to finish up the work. So the last couple of weeks have been spent working on Mom’s house. The skirting around her trailer was in bad shape and we removed it all. We are starting to put it up this week. We also need the paint the exterior of the house. We have done various other small projects as well. We have been able to got to state baseball games that Amber’s nephew participated in do ,some much needed repair on our truck, and even help some on the ranch. Last week we were able to work a day on a new church planter’s home in Idaho Falls. We were able to put in new faucets for them so they can fully get moved into their new home.

Amber’s mom never did have the surgery. The doctor believes it will heal well enough on it’s own that she can still use it. We return to the doctor on June 5 to see how the ankle is healing. Please pray that the Lord’s will be done in this situation.
The house with the skirting removed

Nathan replaced the wooden support for the swamp cooler with a metal one.

The view from where we are. Not bad huh!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Helping a friend

This past week we helped a friend in Malad, Idaho who has been working to get his house finished to avoid getting a loan extension which is costly. Nathan finished framing around the showers, finished putting up posts for hand rails, got the water turned on, and put fire blocking in around the fireplace. We were grateful for a few days to help a friend out.

DSCN6507 (640x480)

The house. Pretty huh?

DSCN6504 (640x480)

The views from the house. Gorgeous huh?

DSCN6506 (640x480)

Monday, April 30, 2018

A new deck in beautiful weather

Last week we replaced a back deck at a church planter catalyst’s home in Lava Hot Springs, ID. The gorgeous sunny weather made the work so much easier. We tore out the old wooden deck shown below.

DSCN6482 (480x640)

We framed the new deck which Faith found great fun to walk across.

DSCN6493 (640x480)

Eventually all the new boards were put on. Everyone assisted including Faith who drug boards to the right location and helped put in clips. Here is the finished product:

DSCN6499 (640x480)

Nathan also replaced a closet door in the house. You can see the problem.

DSCN6479 (480x640)

And the new door is in place.

DSCN6500 (480x640)

The area we worked at in Lava is in a beautiful area. Amber was able to see a moose on her morning run and deer were in the yard at least a couple of nights. It was a great week to be in Lava Hot Springs.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Doors and Windows

Last week at Eastside Baptist Church, the focus was on finishing the drywall around the windows and taking out of some of the old doors that are no longer needed. Most of the work is done on them and will be completed when we return to Twin Falls in a couple of weeks.

DSCN6451 (480x640)

Nathan working on taping a window.

DSCN6458 (480x640)

These doors are both being removed.

DSCN6465 (480x640)

Another door that is no longer needed.

DSCN6470 (480x640)

The door after being sheet-rocked. I guess you can’t call it a door anymore.

DSCN6477 (480x640)

The other two ‘’doors” after being sheet-rocked.

We are away from Twin Falls for a couple of weeks working on other projects and will finish up the drywall when we return.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Finishing a bookcase and a building a door

Nathan finished the other bookcase this past week. He put the edging on, stained it, and applied polyurethane to the entire structure. That bookcase is now ready for use.


This picture taken by Faith shows the work in progress. The edging is on but not stained.

Nathan also put a door closure on the door to the building. This was especially important as the winds were howling this week. But it is spring in southern Idaho so no surprise.

In addition, Nathan also built a door for our trailer to give access to an area in the kitchen that was hard to reach. The door turned out beautiful.


This photo also taken by Faith shows the door before it was stained.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Another bookcase

Last week at Eastside Baptist Church, Nathan focused on building a bookcase for one of the other pastors at Eastside. This time around though, Nathan stained the wood prior to building it making the work easier.

DSCN6414 (640x480)DSCN6416 (640x480)

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Hesperus Camp 2018

The last week of March was spent at Hesperus Camp in Colorado working on drywall. There had been some water damage above the showers in two of the lodge rooms, in the storage area of the dining hall, and on the ceiling in the conference room. In addition, the drywall needed to be repaired in the office and a hole fixed in one of the cabins.

DSCN6389 (480x640)

A leaky pipe in the room above caused a problem in this bathroom.

DSCN6400 (480x640)

It is now fixed.

DSCN6390 (480x640)

Same problem again….

DSCN6398 (480x640)

Same fix

DSCN6393 (480x640)

The conference room ceiling had a small problem

DSCN6403 (480x640)

A little paint and it will be unnoticeable.

DSCN6392 (640x480)

The problem was pretty obvious in the dining hall.

DSCN6406 (640x480)

Big improvement

DSCN6401 (640x480)

The office area did not have damage, it had just never been finished after a remodel. It now looks pretty good.

It was a good week especially since we were able to spend time with those we have grown to love over the last few years.